K2 episode 15

Guys in hazmat suits arrive and begin spraying down the entryway. Je Ha interrupts and says Yoo Jin wanted him to become her slave. The doctor and Mr. Song watch from a distance. Song save us! She looks shocked as the JSS President ushers her half-brother in. Sung Won looks around and declared it cool.

Yoo Jin tells mirror to lock the cone of silence conference room doors. He tells Yoo Jin he has a bomb. Je Ha realizes Sung Won has a bomb. Yoo Jin offers an expletive. Yoo Jin tells mirror to turn on communication with the outside room. She strolls towards her brother. Je Ha holds his side. The men feign offense at her strident tone. The doctor ducks out of sight to avoid detection.

k2 episode 15

Song is in the location she darted into. He tells her to follow his lead to get out of the building. Sung Won takes create pleasure in arming the bomb. He sets the timer to 2 hours. He sits on the couch ready to make his demands as he appears to hold all the cards.

Je Ha tells mirror to turn off communication with the outside room.Je-ha frees himself and immediately gives chase down the hospital corridors. Je-ha is held back by a bodyguard and spots Burn Mark smirk and head down to the parking garage. Burn Mark catches up to Seok-han in his car, tapping on the window and identifying himself as the police. He takes an opportune moment to attack and escape, breaking into a run.

More men appear as he descends into a lower level, which is when Je-ha suddenly appears and kicks them away. They catch him before he can climb into his car, however, and Seok-han backs into a railing.

Je-ha arrives just as Seok-han lose his footing and flips over the railing. Thinking fast, Je-ha swings him into the level below, and now he has the memory drive. Burn Mark breathes a relieved sigh when he sees that Je-ha is still alive. He demands that Je-ha hand over the drive, but Je-ha responds by jumping off the railing, landing on a moving truck, then rolling onto the ground. Chief Joo tries to staunch the bleeding and urges a wounded Je-ha to stay with him while the police cars remain hot on their tail.

Representative Park is also watching this broadcast and decides to take this opportunity to attack the JSS headquarters. He calls the police commissioner and instructs him to gather his men and strike Cloud Nine by collecting all the secret intel Yoo-jin has and delete the data on the main server.

Yoo-jin gasps when she sees Je-ha injured and unconscious and orders Chief Joo to bring all the supplies required for surgery. CEO Gook is present when the police commissioner arrives with his men. Je-ha is down in the Cloud Nine conference room which now serves as a makeshift operating room. Yoo-jin paces back and forth as Doctor Kim removes the bullet, but then Je-ha goes into sudden cardiac arrest.

Yoo-jin rushes inside as Chief Joo begins administering chest compressions. The guy barely has a heartbeat! He and Anna have a picnic in the park which is followed by a stroll and some games.

He imagines Anna waiting for him back at the house so they can catch their flight. Quick, somebody wave a sandwich under his nose to bring him back from the dead! And then Anna wakes up in her room. Did they just have the same dream? CEO Gook leads the men into the server room and the technicians immediately get to work on the main server. Down in Cloud Nine, Yoo-jin watches the men through the CCTV feed and checks in with her computer that their most sensitive data will remain intact.

Representative Park is delighted when he hears the technicians have succeeded in hacking into the JSS database. They can neither be certain that the drive was actually taken from Seok-han until he comes to. Speaking of whom, Seok-han wakes in the hospital and the first thing he asks is about what happened to the man who took the USB.While in Iraq, he gets framed for the murder of his lover Raniya, a civilian. As a result, he runs away and becomes a fugitive.

He accepts the job in exchange for resources that he needs in order to get his revenge on another presidential candidate, Park Kwan-soo, who previously ordered the killing of his lover. In the meantime, Je-ha gets assigned to guard Go An-na, the hidden daughter of Jang Se-joon, whose life is always threatened because of Yoo-jin, her stepmother. An-na, who has been reclused and lonely all her life, starts relying on Je-ha, who shows concern for her and protects her at all costs.

They slowly fall in love with each other, which makes Je-ha torn between having to work with his ally, Yoo-jin, in order to get his revenge and protecting his new-found love, An-na, against his own ally. Being depicted with a bodyguard action theme, the drama utilized various fighting techniques including systemataekwondoaikidoand jujutsu for its action scenes. It became the first Korean television drama to introduce the Bullet Time effect.

The male lead Ji Chang-wook, due to his casting, became the highest-paid actor for a tvN drama.

k2 episode 15

The drama received favorable reviews, topping cable channel viewership ratings throughout its 8-week broadcast. In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. The drama streams internationally on DramaFever with English subtitles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Action Melodrama Politics.

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Episode List

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Season: 1. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. When Assemblyman Jang Se-joon comes under attack, a mysterious banner hanger suddenly comes to his rescue showing incredible signs of combat training. S1, Ep2. President Park searches for Je Ha, who is on the run. Yoo Jin orders Anna be brought to Korea. S1, Ep3. Se Joon uses an assassination attempt against Yoo Jin to further his campaign.

Episode #1.15

S1, Ep4. S1, Ep5. At a funeral, Yoo Jin falls into a trap that she cannot escape without Je Ha's help. S1, Ep6. Yoo Jin offers Je Ha a chance to find out more about his past. Anna escapes the house with the intent of finding her father. S1, Ep7. After rushing to save Anna, Je Ha makes a difficult promise. Yoo Jin gives away information that could be used against her to secure an alliance.

S1, Ep8. The investigation that Se Joon asked for on Yoo Jin's family's company begins. As the search for Anna attracts more online attention, JSS scrambles to do damage control.

THE K2 Final EP16 - Cut Anna Sejoon Yoojin

S1, Ep9. Anna meets a family member she didn't know she had who can change her life. Je Ha receives another employment offer. S1, Ep Anna appeals to the public to find out more about her mother's death. The investigation of Se Joon takes a new turn. The assassination does not turn out as planned, but Yoo Jin manages to turn it to her and Se Joon's advantage.He marvels at the surroundings, and suffice it to say, Yoo-jin is not happy to see them.

She orders her computer to close the doors which creates a soundproof glass barrier between them. Eager to show off the bomb, Sung-won cackles while he inputs the sequence with a covered hand.

He figures two hours should be enough for them to talk and makes himself comfortable. Yoo-jin is miffed when Je-ha turns on the soundproofing to ask where Anna is. Greeting everyone with a hearty laugh, Representative Park points out that his knight has captured the queen.

Sung-won chimes in that he just wants Cloud Nine, and so once again Je-ha mutes everyone else. Representative Park declares that Je-ha has been working for him this entire time, which leaves CEO Gook in shock while Sung-won is simply amused. Although Yoo-jin calls Je-ha a traitor, she asks telepathically what he plans to do now. With that, he leaves the siblings to chat. Before Je-ha leaves, he and Yoo-jin turn their backs on Sung-won to have one final soundproof chat. Sung-won is a man who has everything and yet goes to great lengths to have Cloud Nine for himself, Yoo-jin notes.

The same applies for Yoo-jin, the ruling witch of this domain, so he tells her to leave this place while he takes out Sung-won and Representative Park. Before he walks through those doors, Yoo-jin wistfully adds that they should have crossed paths at a better time and place. Je-ha calls upon the computer to close the doors behind him when he leaves. Yoo-jin fights tears as he walks out, leaving her to deal with Sung-won.

Over at the airport, Anna shares an emotional farewell with her housekeeper and two bodyguards. When Anna asks her to look after Je-ha, she reminds her that she tried to kill the lovebirds. Yoo-jin checks that Je-ha has left before turning her attention back to Sung-won. She does, however, agree to take his life in exchange for his grandchildren.

Yoo-jin smiles as she tells Sung-won that this is how you deal with Cloud Nine members. Then she immediately tells the other agents that whoever shoots Sung-won first will reap a great monetary reward. When one agent turns his gun on Sung-won, Yoo-jin offers the same amount to everyone, and now Sung-won has three guns pointed at him. That is, once those men off him of course.

Burn Mark punches him in his injured side and calls Representative Park, who orders him to shoot him. Representative Park stammers nervously when Je-ha picks up the phone and asks where to bring the USB now. And Anna? As he knows it, Je-ha is on the run for killing Iraqi civilians after being jettisoned from Blackstone. He tries appealing to sympathy, remarking on how much he always envied her courage.

O how gracious of you. Hearing that Je-ha insisted upon Se-joon to expose the USB in order to save her, Yoo-jin lets that idea settle in, then tells her husband not to reveal the contents.By all counts, this was far from a perfect episode, and many of its flaws stem from long-term issues that have plagued the series from the start.

Nonetheless, given that the above points are not new, what I did appreciate about this episode was that the plot kept moving ahead, moving from situation to situation, with the characters scheming and devising plans to outplay the other. The intricate web of relationships between the characters was leveraged and every character had a part to play in the elaborate scheme involving the bomb.

Of course, given that Cloud 9 is a supercomputer, would destroying the physical location of Cloud 9 really actually wipe out the data? I also appreciated very much all the exchanges between our key characters, starting with that between Je Ha and Yoo Jin, where she displays more vulnerability.

Is it strange that the character that I feel the most for in this series is our villain? While Cloud 9 gives her power, it also has power over her. Je Ha knows this well and asks her to step away from it, for her own good. Then, we have the negotiations between Yoo Jin and Sung-won, which are tinged with hatred and contempt. I really liked the conversation where he tried to emotionally manipulate her by talking about how she had the courage to marry someone she loved, whereas he ended up in an arranged marriage.

It might possibly have been true, but Yoo Jin is not gullible enough to take it in and he responds with snide laughter as well. I wonder if they might actually join forces in the finale when they realise that the bomb cannot be detonated to take out Park Gwan Soo.

k2 episode 15

We also have the exchange between Chief Joo, Je Ha and Se Joon in the car, where we see each character having their own priorities in this elaborate political game, which seems to now hinge on the thumb drive. We also see how Chief Joo has given up his morals in service of politics. While the plot construction and characterisation could have been tighter, the show has certainly been very tight in constructing a world where deception is so prevalent at all levels, such that even personal conversations behind the public political world cannot be trusted.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Primary Menu New item. Search Search for:. Just bring a bomb in and believe that somehow Yoo Jin will hand Cloud 9 over? Why would she do that? He did not seem to cover his bases at all and think through the implications of betraying Yoo Jin.

Was it so surprising that she would turn on his grand nephews? Initially touted as an elite security force, their performance in most of their missions has been mostly laughable.

When the plot requires that Sung-Won be allowed to bring the bomb down to Cloud 9, JSS forces are incompetent and so easily defeated. At the end, when the plot requires for Anna to be set free, JSS forces suddenly become so strong and easily defeat those who are holding her in captivity. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Episode List

Email required Address never made public. Name required.He looks dreadful with half his face covered in blood. Yoo Jin asks how Sung Won got involved with Kumar-gate. Yoo Jin believes Sung Won was the master mind behind Kumar-gate.

Sung Won confirms this. Sung Won wants to know how Yoo Jin discerned that. Yoo Jin says mirror and thinks Je Ha. Sung Won claims he wants mirror for himself. Yoo Jin tells Sung Won to take his bomb and go home. She wants him to sign over half his shares to her. He refuses. He smiles, she smiles.

The police officers pound on the door. They want to leave before the bomb blows them up. Yoo Jin wonders if she should let the police back into the room. She says the police will do what it takes to get the code for Sung Won. She asks him if he wants to learn that there are worse things than dying.

Assistant Kim calls and tells Yoo Jin the lobby is secure. Assistant Kim states there are still stragglers to eliminate and they are working on that now. Yoo Jin tells her take her time. Song rushes to Assistant Kim and tells her Anna is loose in the building. Yoo Jin wants to know why Anna was brought to the building. Agents J4 and K1 burst into the lobby and tell Assistant Kim that Anna was removed from the plane by the police.

They think Assemblyman Park is behind this. Sung Won smiles. Agent J4 says Je Ha cannot be contacted right now. Assistant Kim worries that Anna could become a hostage for Assemblyman Park and the police. Assistant Kim orders the agents to find Anna Assemblyman Park. Yoo Jin is relieved that Anna is loose and not a captive. Sung Won smiles enjoying the moment of panic the other side is having.

The leader reports to Assemblyman Park that Anna is gone. Assemblyman Park is not happy and wants to know if Assemblyman Jang knows this. The leader asks Assemblyman Park to buy them time should Assemblyman Jang call. Assemblyman Park yells to stop talking and start searching for Anna now! He yells that Je Ha is on his way there too. Assemblyman Park has a temper tantrum in his office banging a coat rack on his desk.


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