Hisense b7100 vs b7500

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. In fact, since it was established inthe Hisense has stayed on the cutting edge of technology, manufacturing numerous types of appliances, computers, telecommunication devices, and, of course, televisions. One of the biggest selling points of Hisense TVs is the affordable price range, with some models that are hundreds of dollars less than other brands in the same class.

Hisense TVs come in a range of sizes and offer everything from basic functions to 4K resolution and smart technology. It is our mission to guide shoppers in making informed purchasing decisions. Below, is our shopping guide to Hisense TVs, with features, prices, and more.

With a pixel count of xthe resolution is less grainy. Some Hisense TV models in this category have smart technology. Full HD TVs typically fall in the middle of the price range. Think of Hisense TV smart technology as the features and functions you use on your phone available on your TV screen. Smart Hisense TVs feature access to numerous apps, the ability to connect to the internet through WiFi, and streaming of your favorite programs.

Smart remote: A smart remote helps you navigate the menu of a smart Hisense TV. However, basic remotes are also available for most Hisense TVs. HDR: High dynamic range adds another level of clarity — enhanced brightness and color contrast — to Hisense models with 4K resolution. Roku: This service is built in to some smart Hisense TVs and provides superior streaming of thousands of movies, TV programs, and much more.

It includes 4K resolution for lifelike images, dimming technology for vibrant contrast, an impressive color range that further improves video quality, and swift, responsive motion without blur or lag.

Not into the latest technology? Hisense also manufactures fairly basic TVs that are easy to use and quite affordable. Just like most TV brands, Hisense offers a variety of sizes to fit the needs of consumers, from small models to large-screen TVs suitable for the most impressive rec room. Many owners of Hisense TVs brag about the nice sound quality for such a low price.

You can improve the audio even more by adding a soundbar or external speakers. If you are looking for a large TV with sharp video quality and smart technology, this Hisense model is the one to choose. You will get ample screen space to enjoy the UHD images, plus smart technology with WiFi for streaming and enjoying your favorite apps.

These features come a price point that is surprisingly low for a TV in this class. Since affordability is a major selling point of Hisense TVs, you might be surprised to find that the resolution, features, and size you want come a price that is lower than you expect.

Inexpensive: If your budget is your top concern, you can find a Hisense TV that fits within your price range. Some smaller basic models without full HD resolution are quite affordable, but you can also find to inch models with full HD at reasonable price points.

Mid-range: If you want a larger screen, such as 49 or 50 inches, full HD resolution, with or without smart technology, you will pay a bit more. Not everyone needs a big TV or wants to spend a lot for a new one.

If you want to make the most of your gaming experience with fast graphics and and excellent video imaging, look for a Hisense TV with 4K resolution. A smart model with WiFi connectivity is also a plus if you dabble in any online gaming.

Should you buy a Hisense TV over an LG or Samsung?

How do I update the firmware on my Hisense TV? Firmware updates are occasionally released and are vital for certain functions, such as compatibility with various external devices. If any updates are available, follow the prompts to begin the updating process. Do Hisense TVs have adequate input and output ports?

hisense b7100 vs b7500

Affordability is my top concern, but I also want good picture quality. While there is a significant difference in pixels between the two models — typically x p for HD TVs compared to x p for UHD 4K options, the picture quality of HD TVs is still good, with many customers commenting on the vibrant colors and crisp images.

Buying guide for best Hisense TVs

Quirks aside, this TV offers a generous screen and impressive features. It also comes at a reasonable price point for a model that's smart and has 4K image quality.Should you buy a Hisense TV?

There are a lot of TV brands on the market these days, and choosing between their collective medley of budget small TVs to super-sized displays is a hard task at times. Sure, complaining about the sheer amount of choice might be unfair, but there's no denying that there's a lot out there, and a lot of nitty-gritty specs to compare and contrast between each set.

So, what about Hisense? As an up-and-coming electronics brand that's quickly gained a foothold with its aggressive pricing, it's very likely you'll have come across a Hisense TV and thought, 'should I buy it?

In the guide below you'll find an introduction to the Hisense TV brand, an overview of what makes them stand out from the competition, as well as the latest deals on Hisense smart TVs — and our latest Hisense TV reviews at the end of the article too.

As a budget TV brand, Hisense will generally offer premium technologies for lower than the competition, meaning if you're mainly fussed about a particular HDR format or 4K resolution at the cheapest possible price, there's probably a Hisense TV to suit you. As a large Chinese manufacturer of various electrical goods, Hisense covers everything from fridges to washing machines, though its smart TV range is one of the biggest parts of its burgeoning business.

And despite being state-owned — like many Chinese companies — Hisense has plenty of international connections. So you should be in no doubt that Hisense is a major player with a solid presence in the competitive television market. So, after a brief history lesson, are Hisense television deals worth considering? As ever, the answer depends on a number of factors. Fundamentally the panels used in these sets are decent. They tend to offer nice sharp images, decent black levels, and good color balance.

However, with the sets that support HDR, don't expect them to offer the same peak brightness as more expensive sets from bigger name brands. This means that the images shown on the sets don't quite have the same sparkle to them as better HDR sets. The Hisense TV price range is where its got a real edge, with the Chinese company firmly focusing its sights on the middle-market — with occasional forays into more high-end hardware like the massive and massively bright H75U9A.

Hisense's flagship televisions — although good — are not quite at the level of the best TVs in the world, but that they often come in significantly cheaper than their peers.

hisense b7100 vs b7500

Lower down the range you are also going to see significant savings. The upshot is that although your television may not be the talk of the town, it's not likely to disappoint, and the money you save can definitely be spent on getting great 4K content.

There's a clear tension between quality and affordability, though. We'll be watching in to see whether it does, but it's unlikely to be an OLED-killer. When it comes to app support, it's worth noting that Disney Plus isn't supported on Hisense TVs yet — something most of the competition is ahead on. The Roku platform is the same as that included on Roku streaming sticksand features a straightforward and easily laid-out OS, making it easy to select different streaming apps of which there are many as well as source inputs like game consoles.

Roku sets aside, Hisense's smart TV OS can also be a little hit and miss across its different models. Some feature a flashy Vidaa U OS don't ask us why it's called thatwhile others settle for a more prosaic Android TV platform — and even within those categories performance and app support can vary.The latest 4K model is no different. After all, flagship sets from the likes of Samsung and LG can be eye-wateringly expensive.

In a nutshell, a sleek, easy to use TV with a fantastic quality picture and some smart features to boot: similar to what we found with the Hisense U7A last year. For alternatives, check out our chart of the best TVs you can buy. Getting the B unboxed and set up is pretty simple.

We even found handling the 50in size solo reasonably easy as the TV weighs only 8. The stand quickly attaches to the bottom with a few screws, then all you really need to do is get it in position and plugged in.

Should you buy a Hisense TV over an LG or Samsung?

It might not be quite as swish as some rival flagships but the B is very impressive when it comes to style for an affordable set. The B comes with a decent remote control, which is nicely weighted and has rubber buttons that are smooth to the touch. Some of the buttons are also a little close together.

hisense b7100 vs b7500

As with any TV, there are a range of ports on the back which are easily accessible. As is the case with some TVs, there are a few minor spec differences between the different sizes. The two larger sizes have slightly brighter displays at vs nits. The sound quality from the built-in speakers is decent with a richer profile than most TVs at this price. You can choose different sound profiles be we found standard to be good enough. A little gripe, as is the case with some TVs, is the way a mute logo stays on the screen the whole time you have sound muted.

Ports on the back are easily accessible and there are three HDMI 2. We tested the 50in model which is something of a sweet spot for price and specs. The picture is crisp and sharp and the colours are vibrant without being over saturated. Of course, the picture can look dramatically different depending on which mode you choose.

We tested mainly in standard mode but you can also choose cinema day, cinema night, dynamic and sports. They all have their pros and cons but the standard mode is a nice balance and works well for almost anything.

Various picture quality settings can be adjusted manually including the backlight and noise reduction. You can even, if you feel confident, head into the expert section to tweak white balance, gamma and the like. Even at this low price, the B supports HDR content and it looks great. Display modes automatically switch when HDR content is detected. You can choose between dynamic, day, night and sports. The DLED backlight does a pretty decent job of providing a consistent and even experience, though.

Hisense has once again lived up to the expectation of creating an excellent TV at budget price.Crafted from a single piece that reaches seamlessly across the back of the body to the edges of the display. Enhancing clarity for a smooth picture and fluid action. TV never felt so real.

Bring your entertainment to life with brilliant 4K HDR. Crafted from a single piece that reaches seamlessly across the back of the body to the edges of the display, the Unibody design offers seamless, design simplicity. Get rid of the mess of untidy cables by routing them through the back of the TVs stand design, for neater, clutter-free viewing.

Watch the action unfold seamlessly with Smooth Motion Rate Blur and screen lag is reduced, clarity is enhanced, giving you a smooth picture and fluid action.

Wide Colour Gamut immerses you in colour that's true to reality offering a wider range of shades on display - see roses in vivid reds, lush grasslands in vibrant greens and deep oceans in brilliant blues. Never has a Smart TV been easier to use. With a simplified design that allows you to effortlessly switch between all of your favourite apps and devices in three or fewer steps, VIDAA U makes it easier and quicker to enjoy a world of on-demand entertainment.

Compared to our previous generation, delivering quicker boot times and smoother operation. Reach any app or function in no more than 3 clicks, for a simpler way to navigate your entertainment. Faster access to your favourite TV apps with only one touch. Simple to set up, including the wifi, it's almost plug it in and go. Great picture and I love the fact that one button will take me to Netflix or Prime Video. Fantastic value. I'm not very technical so worried that I wouldn't be able to set up but I couldn't have been more wrong.

It was such an easy set up, easy to control and the picture is great. Very, very happy with this product. Need to know more about supporting your TV? See the pages below for more information. Great TV - looks great, works well, great picture and sound. Obviously not perfect but unbeatable for price.

Only slight drawback is lack of Disney plus app but I imagine this won't be forever! It's the best tv we have ever had. Well worth the money for this tv.HDR dramatically enhances detail by maximising contrast and colour accuracy. Never has a Smart TV been easier to use, access your favourite content in no more than 3 steps.

Immerse yourself in breath-taking 4K HDR detail. HDR dramatically enhances detail by maximising contrast and colour accuracy for more true-to-life colours and amazing levels of clarity. The detail in the darkest areas of a picture aren't lost. Equally, very bright areas of a picture don't blow out. Advanced noise reduction technology automatically analyses the input signal and removes detected noise, guaranteeing crystal clear resolution. Sit back and enjoy clean, lifelike pictures.

Adjust the position of the TVs feet for added flexibility. For displaying on smaller TV stands, simply set the feet to a narrower width.

Never has a Smart TV been easier to use. With a simplified design that allows you to effortlessly switch between all of your favourite apps and devices in three or fewer steps, VIDAA U makes it easier and quicker to enjoy a world of on-demand entertainment. Compared to our previous generation, delivering quicker boot times and smoother operation. Reach any app or function in no more than 3 clicks, for a simpler way to navigate your entertainment.

Faster access to your favourite TV apps with only one touch. I have been using the hisense B now for a couple of weeks and I really do love it. I have it in my bedroom at the moment so that I can watch some TV in peace and quiet away from my little people.

I would say it looks just like any other TV but the quality of the picture is definitely higher than most and with the 4k HDR I wouldn't expect anything less. On unpacking this tv from the box it was super easy to install.

The tv itself is very thin with a black edging and two small feet needing to be attached with supplied screws. Literally all I did then was plug into the mains and follow the installation process as indicated on the screen.

The tv connected to the WiFi instantly and sourced all the channels that were available through freeview within minutes. The picture rate is very responsive and the 4K makes for a fantastic picture quality.

Need to know more about supporting your TV? See the pages below for more information. As one of Hisense's budget range tv's this has a extensive array of features that I was not expecting, if it had Bluetooth it would be perfect. The picture quality in 4k is more than good enough for most.

Overall I'm very impressed. Had this for about a month, very happy with both sound and picture quality, great value for its price point.

Bought about month ago and was really disappointed. Sound quality is not good. You have to turn the tv right up to hear it and when watching programmes with commentary the sound goes up and down.

When watching programme that has night scene or black background the picture is not clear, looks pixelated. Tried different settings and problems do not clear. Also the tv turns itself off completely overnight. There is no power switch on the TV so you have to pull it out and turn the plug off and back on.We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here.

Hisense got what it wanted. Its TVs now sit on store shelves beside models from some of the oldest, most established and revered brands in the TV game. In it has been pushing even further into their territory with one of the cheapest OLEDs money can buy.

The best TVs of — with more than TVs reviewed this year alone, we know which ones are worth buying. In fact, the much-lauded benefits of OLED displays, namely improved contrast, viewing angle and better control over which parts of the TV are lit, should help Hisense make a better TV.

It certainly looks the part. The dramatic silver base holds up the astonishingly thin display, while the off-centre Hisense logo that descends slightly from the lower edge of the left corner is an unconventional design decision that makes the O8B stand out in a subtle way. The spec sheet ticks all the right boxes. Dolby helps with both picture and sound, with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround-sound processing alongside the usual promises of a wide colour gamut, intuitive operating system and extreme clarity.

It supports the same HDR formats, plus an extra one Technicolorand has the same Dolby audio processing technology. What they do get is one of the most advanced HDR formats around.

It can adjust contrast on a scene-by-scene basis, which should fix the problem of HDR10 making scenes look too dark. Have these household names been ripping us off for years while poor Hisense was the only one offering real value, or is this a sign that they see its cheaper sets as a threat?

Now on to price. And they both look good too. The key difference between these two TVs is the panel. QLED means more than just quantum dots. It guarantees some unique features. Ambient mode is a way for your TV to blend in or stand out. It can mimic the wall behind it on the screen and continue the pattern of your decor, or display some works of art. Either way it makes your TV look more appealing than a inch black void. You get dedicated Bixby voice control on the Samsung too.

Coronavirus Read our latest advice. We used the launch prices for the TVs to get an average. Hisense H43BUK. Samsung UE43RU Hisense H50BUK. Samsung QE55Q60R.Size class of the display as declared by the manufacturer. Often this is the rounded value of the actual size of the diagonal in inches.

Approximate diagonal size of the display. If the manufacturer does not provide such information, the diagonal is calculated from the width and height of the screen. Approximate width of the display. If the manufacturer does not provide such information, the width is calculated from the diagonal and the aspect ratio. Approximate height of the display. If the manufacturer does not provide such information, the height is calculated from the diagonal and the aspect ratio.

There are various panel technologies. The image quality depends directly on the type of the display panel used. The most widely used panels are those with 6, 8, and 10 bits for each of the RGB components of the pixel.

They provide, and bit color, respectively. With quick cyclic switching between different color tones, an illusion for a new intermediate color tone is created.

For example, by using FRC, a 6-bit display panel is able to show There are different FRC algorithms. The maximum number of colors, which the display is able to reproduce, depends on the type of the panel in use and color enhancing technologies like FRC. The ratio between the horizontal and the vertical side of the display. Some of the standard and widely used aspect ratios are, and Information about the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical side of the screen.

A higher resolution allows the display of a more detailed and of higher quality image. The pixel pitch shows the distance from the centers of two neighboring pixels.


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