Black butler x suicidal reader wattpad

You snuck off into the kitchen and you grabbed a knife. Pokemon Anime x Reader Fanfiction. You entered the classroom causing eyes to land on you. You blushed once you noticed you did make a lot of noise opening that door.

Since she looked exactly like her mother and she had his quirk si The reborn Rias Gremory X Reader Reader Black Butler Your mind In the state of trauma Near the break of insanity Witnessing the death of your own parents Still haunts you Even in the happiest moments of your life That event suddenly falls into your mind Being the Queen's loyal Raven has its advantages.

All girls stared at you and Kyoya. There's one thing about him that stands out to a certain pink haired, coffee jelly loving psychic. You kept your eyes ahead on your destination being your class. Steins Class. My precious readers are probably confused so lets rewind. Absolutely love the Pokemon Anime? Or just Pokemon in general? This is the book for you! Comments and votes are appreciated! Lemons are found inside Enter at your own risk.

Reader x Hetalia] [Crossover Fan fiction] Haruhi never knew the Host Club actually had a seventh member before she came.

Characters x Suicidal! Groaning at the morning announcement, you went to the dining hall, but not to join everybody for breakfast. Read hot and popular stories about Anime on Wattpad.

You had been Grell's apprentice for seven months now. Welcome to Dwma. Find the hottest Anime stories you'll love. The rest of the host club stared shocked. It was to cut yourself because you couldn't handle it. If only two students survived at the end of the killing game, then you would most likely die anyways, right?

Anime x suicidal reader wattpad You snuck off into the kitchen and you grabbed a knife. Anime x suicidal reader wattpad.But hey, people call me a demon. Best friends with many personification life was good. Sometimes cruel. Down there is… a difficult place.

The bell rung, signaling that it was lunchtime. Share via Email Report Story Send. Matthew looked scared and to be honest as well, Gilbert was scared too. I am always here for you and if you want to talk please don't hesitate to reach out to me Jun 4, - Explore ZyzyDiline's board "hetalia cooking skills", followed by people on Pinterest. Reading these fan fictions make me filled with a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling. Until high school changes everyone. Reader, lemon and romance, the reader is kind and bitchy, it takes place in the beginning on a battlefield and involved a knife.

There is something wrong with me for writing this. You grudgingly walked to school and He's your nightmare, you had to abstain from a lot of things: reading, writing, going to the library etc.

black butler x suicidal reader wattpad

To your disappointment you saw Alfred running at you with full speed. Will accept any and all requests. Bnha x experiment reader quotev. Logging in I see a new deviation from Queenipie Levi x abused reader Levi x mermaid reader Hogwarts AU Area 51 raid avoiding eye contact from curious glances of other pupils. Invisible 2p! England x Bullied! Reader - Mewbby - Wattpad England x Bullied! Reader Hetalia x Chubby!

If you are affected by things like that, please don't read. You went straight to your locker to find your best friends Ayaa and Lili waiting for you. Don't like it, don't read! See more ideas about Hetalia, Hetalia romania, Romania. Innocent Loss. Member since Jul You sighed leaning onto your right hand, 'Why do they hate me? A collection of various Pairing: Draco x reader. Stay safe and healthy. Kennedy x Chubby! It was one of her favorite classes.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! There's no logic in them. Languages for foreign investors. Penmanship for documents.

But dancing, it's so frivolous, Name! Target young owners by being an exciting party host. Sway old owners by wooing their daughters. Being a good dancer makes you the center of attention at functions, Ciel. Like an advertisement, free of charge.

A victrola was set up in the middle of the ballroom, cranking out a wobbly piece of classical violin. It filled the room, rolling over the couple in waves of high and low notes. The room was shiny and immpecable, freshly cleaned by Sebastian himself. The young Lord was set to attend multiple parties over the summer, as was common among British royals.

black butler x suicidal reader wattpad

You had asked why Sebastian didn't just teach it himself, only to recieve an exasperated sigh. Apparently Ciel didn't take to having a male dance partner very well.

You swore he did that just to annoy you. That playful smirk he wore only supported the idea. If he held your shoulders, you found his hands attracted to your chest. If waist, then your rear. This spoiled little pervert loved making you angry. As soon as you grew used to his advances, he'd find a new way to make you blush. Your dress swirled around you like a ornate flower, kicking up drafts of wind from the marble floors.

Ciel's suit, a leisure suit if you can believe it, was beyond intricate. When it was said Phantomhives kept a good image, it wasn't an understatement. You were relived. Maybe he was finally shaping up. Giving you a decent raise and keeping off your curves.

Why the change of heart? Slowly but surely, your face turned beet red, mouth dropping open to the perfect O. You dropped your hands from his shoulders, quickly rushing to the victrola. You removed your reccord, slid it in the cover, and stormed out. Ciel looked dissapointed at the reaction, if not a little pleased at the result. That should keep her out of here for good. Word would spread, and no one wold tutor him in dance. Plan, complete. Even under his beck and call, the butler was usualy firm with Ciel's diet.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! After a long day at college, Emily Lockheart gets a knock on her front door. When she answers it, there's only a box.

Inside is a group of cats, two kittens and five adults. She takes them in, having a soft spot for animals, especially felines. However, what if these cats don't want to stay with her? And what if the cats she already owns start having problems with them? I want to post these for people who might enjoy reading them. They aren't bringing in many veiws on Wattpad so I am afraid that might not be the place for these so I will try them here. Requests are welcome and I have a fairly large number of animes I can pull from.

Anything from drabble to fluffy to lemons A spell gone wrong lands Name in the world of Black Butler, where he must choose to either change the timeline or let things play out as planned. Sightings of a wild cat were now a hot topic in London especially when said sightings were accompanied by the disappearances of locals.

At this point, the creature was dubbed as an omen of death.

Bully hetalia x bullied reader wattpad

Here, the reader will be placed in numerous sexually explicit situations with the diverse cast of characters of any gender in any size grouping. Anything from twosomes to orgies are welcome here, but everyone will be aged up to be adults I.

In which I will write oneshots, headcanons, scenarios and many more from the fandoms I love and adore S: I do female readers x male characters and male readers x female characters, despite the fact that I have written gay and lesbian relationships I don't really feel comfortable doing It In this oneshot book. This goes to all my Male friends who can never find x male reader stuff. This is an Alois Trancy x Male reader and it will range from just friendship to sexual intercourse.

Requests are always accepted except for the following: Necrophilia, bestiality, Pedophilia, incest, or things similar. Other then that, I hope you all enjoy this book is also available on wattpad: Look for the account TiredAnimeBoy.

This is a group of short Stories, Reader Inserts and Preferences. There will be Characters that I have made inserted into this story I am just a writer exercising her short story skills. Some will be gory, some will be smutty, and some will be fluffy. You Have Been Warned. I May or May Not take requests.She did almost anything to please and cater her husband, Levi Ackerman. You and Corporal Levi Ackerman have always been deeply in love with each other the moment you met.

Harry has to choose who should live between Hermione and the reader when Bellatrix threatensMay 30, - Read More cracks! Warnings: None. Our minds are troubled by the emptiness. Warnings: A tiny amount of swearing. Previous post Ittoki Otoya x Dead! Lay me down- Sam Smith. His inky black eyes used to scare the hell out of you whenever you saw them, he used Lance Corporal Levi is so cool.

Request: Sprouted from my mind. Not at first anyway. Summary: A book of oneshots in which I talk about various scenarios which include Levi Ackerman, the reader, and cheating. Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant! Dean x Reader. The two of you were so in love with each other, but had such different minds. That was certain.

Black Butler X Shy Reader

You turn the TV on, and settle on the kid's channel. Levi X Reader By: lonelyxsonata. Russia x Bullied! Reader Mean. You sighed as your name was called. Which is why I prefer sad endings over more cheery endings.Even though you acted like an ungrateful asshole at times, you were more than happy he was around.

Writing some pretty crazy detailed works of pure nightmare fuel. Classic Sans x Suicidal Skeleton Reader. Bakugou x reader he hurts you Bakugou x reader he hurts you. BunnyThe Botanist.

black butler x suicidal reader wattpad

A beautiful baby boy. Bakugou x reader he hurts you. Danganronpa x dead reader wattpad Danganronpa x dead reader wattpad. Levi x suicidal reader. You the reader is being bullied by the Hetalians because you are the only human student in their school, the teachers are humans but they don't know that their students But you were countries. Jun 11, Todoroki x fem! The UA recently decided to dorm their students blessing them with the privilege to sleep in just a little longer.

Hetalia X Suicidal! Reader Chapter 1. Izuku Midoriya x depressed Name: Lev. But carrying through the villain attack did not. Protect him[Bakugou Katsuki x Male! Reader] Katsuki Bakugou,The infamous class 1-A asshole.

The next day Uraraka had pointed it out. You tried to respond but their was a cloth. Russia x Bullied! If he wasn't, you probably would have offed yourself by now. Sans x Freaked Out! Reader - Duration: Yandere x reader wattpad Yandere x reader wattpad. I thought that was an interesting idea and decided to write it again but more into his perspective and what happened to him after everything. He had loads of experience and he enjoyed doing all that work for a while. Katsuki Bakugou X Reader The entire class of the Hero's department class 1-A had gathered at Mina Ashido's house for one ginormous sleepover, Mina had been planning for the sleepover for weeks, she even got many of her classmates such as Izuku, Momo, Ochako, and you, to help her with the planning, set up, decorations, and making sure.

Genre Storytelling Comment by sips tea. Jan 17, - Read Female Yautja x Male Xenomorph Reader from the story Male Reader X Fem Yandere Various by gojira with 8, r Female fnaf x male reader lemon wattpad keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested. It showcases your favorite anime figures - all are of free shipping so just relax and buy anytime you like!.

Todoroki always prided himself in being perceptive. Yandere x reader wattpad. Eyeless jack x suicidal reader Eyeless jack x suicidal reader. Article from wattpad. Bully crush x suicidal reader.

And you were glad that he was.It was after lunch time and you were helping one of the Timber with lunch clean up. He was the chef so he really didn't have to clean up, only make food for dinner tonight. You were going to cleaning up the dinner table that Alois had already eaten on.

You actually had a crush on the little devil of an Earl, of course you both couldn't end up together because he was an Earl, and you were just a lowly maid. You first fell in love with him when he and his mysterious butler, which now you know his name was Claude, picked you up from the filthy streets. You had lost your family one day in a wretched fire; you hated fire and would run away if it ever flashed in front of your eyes. But Alois helped you back up on your feet, you loved him for that because he really didn't need to.

Sometimes you lay awake at night wondering what would happen if he did love you. You thought he would give you a million kisses every day, maybe dance with you at random times, maybe even go out to town to show everyone the love between you both.

You start to shake at close proximity, you then dropped the dining table silverware on the floor, and the plate shatters. You blushed again but this time you looked as if you were about to faint. Why is he being like this?

Miss Maid~Alois x Ciel x Reader~ Y/N = Your name

Maybe he knows you like him, but only Hanna knows' you thought. No, she couldn't! A servant telling their master a secret that should only be kept between servants! You run into the kitchen to tell Timber if he could make you some Earl Gray tea an put it on a tray for the guests. He nods and gets to work; you grab all the silverware that was on the floor and go to clean them, then you use a broom for the broken plate. By the time you were done the tea was ready, you grabbed the tray and thanked Timber on your way out to the lounge room.

Once there you held the tray with one hand and knocked on the door.

black butler x suicidal reader wattpad

You got used to doing that, it took forever though. You would always drop everything, but Hanna taught you how to cope with it, now you got a hold of it better. You heard Alois say come in, so in you came.

You saw Alois smile as he saw you, you smiled back. Claude looked a little aggravated, was it because of you or something else? You then looked at his guests, you didn't look for too long because it would be rude.

On the sofa was a young boy who looked around yours and Alois's age. He had one blue eye, the other was covered by an eye patch, dark navy-blue hair. Behind him was a tall man, he was dressed in a black butler suit and had black hair, just like Claude.


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